Interdependence- start by connecting the dots


Interdependence describes relationships in which members of the group are mutually dependent on the others…

How do your promote interdependence within a group but creating a safe environment to reduce the fear in people that have every right and reason to contribute?

I always to try to figure out how to work within a group and see what motivates each person and more importantly what causes people to shut down. There are hundreds for great ideas that do not get heard for every one that does get heard. How do you bring all of those to the surface and let the best naturally float to the top?

How do you feel when you sit in a new group listening to ideas come out from people that are incredibly confident in what they are saying but in your mind you have some thoughts or ideas that you would love to contribute but just don’t think that the time is right to speak up.

I would regret not speaking up after the fact.  I should have contributed but there is fear that underlies that ability to respond. What drives that fear?

It is important to assess where the fear is coming from:

Environmental factors? Is it safe to be heard? Will there be something associated with my participation and be misrepresented to someone else?

Success? What if my idea is great and I have to back it up and people expect me to do it again and again?

Accountability? Is this something that I signed up for? Will I have to deliver?

Failure? What if my idea falls short? Is this something I want to risk being associated with?

Throughout my 30+ years at Nike and coaching athletes in the sport of track and field and cross country I would look for indicators that someone was not fully contributing to the level that they could. I love to pull ideas or performances or a passion to do something out of people by helping them understand that we are all interdependent on each other. The key to that interdependency is the smallest connection point in a story, experience or relationship.

The more we prove  that our ideas are interdependent of each other to build success as well as experience failure. It is so important to have both but knowing that by connecting the dots of ideas, issues, concepts that are similar ( interdependent) and to create a mindset to succeed and build upon that success but also not to fear falling short. I would rather have one of my athletes try something and fall short but discover something about themselves in the process.

The interdependence of my life at Nike, @incubatorU  and as @coachbergiecc are connected by recognizing those dots and having the courage to intersect and see where it will take you.

Fear stifles creativity. Look for the connections. Make them interdependent on each other and push ahead to see where it takes you. The worst that can happen is that you try it again and you have learned from your initial attempt and put another dot out there to connect.