From Nike to IncubatorU: The Handoff

IncubatorU started as an opportunity to connect the past with the future, always looking to and taking advantage of new and diverse thought, incredible technology, and applying those together to help people, organizations, and companies accelerate instead of stagnate. The advantages of being at a company like Nike for three decades is that history and experiences repeat themselves but at different stages of the company’s growth.

Every 10 years or so, businesses change, accelerate, and evolve. At Nike, 99% of the time… it has always grown. Each time this happened there were fundamental things that didn’t change, providing a backdrop of history, along with stories and examples for a new and incredible generation of young employees, giving me the ability to mentor, teach and help others discover that their ideas and concepts are worth pursuing.

There is always the chance someone will say no- that your idea might fail, but through the journey of bringing a variety of people with different experiences together, with a fostering environment in which to listen and the confidence to act upon those ideas opens up the possibility to deliver something entirely new.

During Nike’s growth and throughout my career, I would continually find myself in roles that were not clearly defined, roles that needed direction and focus. Through an assessment of the scenario, I could visualize what the end state should be and welcomed the barriers and gaps that were holding us back from getting there. I thrived in those environments and loved to find the connecting elements in an organization, category, and sport.

I always valued the personal relationships that allowed those elements to be connected sequentially to create a even more value. The benefit of which was better communication, efficiency, profitability, and sustainability, with faster delivery to the market for a higher quality product. Employees that felt that they were contributing and that their ideas were worth incubating, building a positive foundation by taking personal ownership in delivering and being recognized for that work.

IncubatorU’s goal is to help companies, organizations and communities connect at a level where diversity in thought and inclusiveness to share and be respected for ideas to grow.

IncubatorU….2014…..Here we go…the handoff and transition in life is filled with excitement, passion, energy, with the opportunity to see what lies ahead.

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