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Michael Bergmann has been weaving these concepts naturally into everything that he’s done over the past 35 years. During his high school years, Bergmann’s entrepreneurial spirit led him naturally to a company that embraces innovation and pushing performance in a variety of ways.

Gathering insight from Nike’s Founder

He began by getting Nike prototypes tested as a high schooler to continuing to sell, build, and create products throughout his 30+ year career. Bergmann’s collaborative approach to innovation through inspiration has led him to create the organization, IncubatorU to teach his methods in a wide variety of business and organizational environments.

Connect and learn more

Bergmann brings a positive energy to each and every interaction from product, athletes, events, organizations and facility development. His ability to help create a vision and lead and connect teams to exceed the expectations of what is possible has been delivered consistently.

Having retired from Nike in February of 2014, Michael Bergmann founded IncubatorU, LLC, to consult and teach people, teams, organizations and companies on how to innovate through inspired stories, incubating those ideas into products, processes or organizational changes.

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