Reach your potential by going through IncubatorU's 5 step methodology
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Transforming teams,

by developing innovative strategies that achieve resilience, and growth.

Specializing in innovation

from the ground up.

IncubatorU brings intersectional thinking

to a project, maps out what the resources are,

and then puts together a plan

with small executable steps.


We’re prototyping things

without a huge amount of capital investment.

Imagine your goals and achieve them step by step


Fearless innovation


Each of IncubatorU's 5 Steps is a foundation to build upon


Making effective innovation
a common and attainable


Founder of IncubatorU.  I've spent over 30 years at Nike turning challenges into opportunities.  I transform teams, by using strategically developed methods, designed to help your company thrive.

Michael Bergmann

Do you wonder as a leader on how to harness the potential of your organization and inspire people within it?

What is your personal resource map. How can you Identify those that will help you reach your best

IncubatorU's methodology takes that into full account; through years of practically applying in business, athletics,
and nonprofit work.
through years of practically applying in business, athletics,

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It takes a team to succeed

IncubatorU exists to help
brands harness the potential of
their resources...through our 5 step methodology