Transforming teams,

by developing innovative strategies that achieve resilience, and growth.

Specializing in innovation

from the ground up.

  • IncubatorU helps teams by leveraging and optimizing a team's existing resources, with the goal of maximizing the potential of an organization, or a product.
  • IncubatorU is a mobile innovation lab that helps create team environments where projects and products are brought to life, using the guidance and support of a hand-selected group of experts.
  • IncubatorU acts as a hub to help connect clients with other businesses, engineering resources, marketing professionals, or any other type of support that can help their team thrive.

IncubatorU brings intersectional thinking

to a project, maps out what the resources are,

and then puts together a plan

with small executable steps.


We’re prototyping things

without a huge amount of capital investment.


Fearless innovation



Making effective innovation
a common and attainable


Founder of IncubatorU.  I've spent over 30 years at Nike turning challenges into opportunities.  I transform teams, by using strategically developed methods, designed to help your company thrive.

Do you wonder as a leader on how to harness the potential of your organization and inspire people within it?

IncubatorU's methodology takes that into full account; through years of practically applying in business, athletics,

and nonprofit work.


     To bring the best out of people they must be given the opportunity to fail without censure.  Fail faster and often in order to learn, pivot, and win.  Amazing ideas are born from the permission to dream. Amazing success comes from the freedom to turn those dreams into reality.


    While efficient, the current practice of dividing people into like-minded units tends to produce predictable mediocrity. Great ideas emerge
    at the intersection of culture, expertise, fields of study and styles of thinking. We believe a variety of perspectives and expertise is essential to produce fresh ideas.


    The game has changed. Enterprise and education must adopt the active pursuit
    of innovation into their core operating procedure if they are to maintain their relevance, protect margin and further the advancement of human kind.


    In most cases, employees know more than their supervisors in the specialized fields and markets in which they operate.  Allowing resources more autonomy creates the favorable conditions needed to turn unspoken knowledge into groundbreaking innovation.


    As we travel further into a “knowledge economy” it is essential for our resources to be constantly learning. Access to knowledge within and outside of an organization’s walls is critical to generating the culture of innovation
    that will drive the world forward.


    Working together toward a collective goal is far more rewarding and fun than slugging it out on your own. When people come together and are recognized for their contributions they don’t just work hard, they add their passion.


    This word has become overused and conveniently applied in different ways.

    Our approach is to maximize the use of existing resources and identifying how to minimize the environmental impact on the world. It is part of our DNA.

Incubator U exists to help
brands harness the potential of
their resources...

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