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Founder of IncubatorU, dedicated to unlocking organizational and personal potential.


Through the IncubatorU 5-Step Methodology, I guide organizations  towards realizing their capabilities, fostering a  culture of Always Assuming  Positive Intent and Fearless Innovation. My commitment extends to coaching changemakers for seamless integration. As an International Best Selling Author of "Innovation from the Ground Up," I catalyze transformative change in companies of all sizes. Passionate about global impact, I leverage travel to disseminate invaluable methodologies worldwide. Beyond my professional pursuits, I cherish a life filled with a loving wife, four children, and three grandchildren, infusing joy and purpose into every facet.

Transform Your Organization

After 30+ years at Nike, turning challenges into opportunities,  Michael Bergmann applied his experience to transforming organizations by applying his own strategically developed methods,  designed to help your company thrive. Over the course of three  decades, he distilled his knowledge into a methodology.


This  continues to enable the transformation of teams that drive  some of the most iconic and successful Nike products. Michael  is the founder of IncubatorU, dedicated to impacting organizations and communities of all sizes by helping them clarify their  goals, transform their teams and create exponential success.  This is his mission, the mission of IncubatorU and the purpose  of this book.

Join Michael Bergmann in the 5-Step process through real life applications from within the corporate structure of Nike to  the multimillion-dollar nonprofit project that has benefited an  entire community. You will learn the importance of imagining a  vision for your team, how to initiate and implement that vision  and how to tackle obstacles such as naysayers, despondency,  fear and division. You will discover the secrets to maintaining the drive, keeping focus to finally integrate all the steps toward  the realization of your goal.

Michael Bergmann is an international businessman, an  author and a make-it-happen large project consultant through  his organization IncubatorU. Look for the companion workbook  to Innovation from the Ground Up.

If your team needs help identifying  their north star, as well as help in maximizing the potential of each team member; reach out and make a consultation call today!

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