Founder of IncubatorU.  I've spent over 30 years at Nike turning challenges into opportunities.  I transform teams, by using strategically developed methods, designed to help your company thrive.


I have built teams and brands within (and outside) of Nike.  Helping those teams create a vision that is embraced, celebrated, and executed, has proven that the IncubatorU methodology is a way to practically apply innovation, by leveraging resources and potential, from within an organization.  I successfully lead direct and virtual teams that just need that north star to point towards.


IncubatorU was initially started by trying to solve a problem within Nike.  During my 31-year career at Nike, I had the opportunity to work with product teams from all over the world.  I began to see very clearly why some teams, products, and brands succeeded, while others failed.  The most prominent factor that determined this outcome was quite often due to stifled potential triggered by structural and organizational limitations, that was initially put into place to enable their success.  As a result of this reoccurring issue, I was was able to develop a unique methodology for what elements needed to be in place to transform teams to do amazing work.  The initial concept was to create an in-house employee-led innovation center, where ideas could be encouraged, and titles or positions made no difference.  Since this early conceptual stage, IncubatorU has grown into an evolving system that has proven time and again that optimizing product, processes and organization development brings innovation in ways unimaginable.


During my time at Nike, working with a chemist and an engineer, I oversaw the development of the exceedingly durable rubber compound XDR, which is still used in the soles of Nike tennis shoes to this day.  Not only did our products last longer than other products, but it became the most durable compound in the industry, our outdoor basketball shoes also adopted it.  


I have always wanted to put myself in situations where I could learn something new, so my years of experience at Nike was a perfect environment for me to grow and develop these skills.  Time and time again I found myself in situations where I had to learn new information and processes, with minimal time, and the ability to think on my feet to find solutions to problems were just a regular part of the day to day operations.  Through this experience, my focus in international relations allowed me to look at all sides of an issue, whether it was from a company standpoint, a government standpoint, or a cultural standpoint.  This approach also led me to oversee Nike factories in China, as a footwear production manager at age 26. After having spent 3 yrs in China, I spent another 3 yrs in Jakarta, Indonesia (as a production manager and product developer), before returning to the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, OR.


As a competitive track and field athlete (through middle school and into my early college years), I wanted to challenge myself by taking on the role of Director, for the Track and Field Program at Central Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon.  In this position, I have been able to form unique relationships within my community, and also share my love for track and field with younger generations who share the same passion and dedication to this amazing sport.

I was also the founder and CEO of Red Truckan online marketplace where sports enthusiasts can buy and sell high-end gear. We now lead the Red Truck Outdoor Experience that intersects outdoor recreation and professional development through IncubatorU's methodologies.


Over the course of my three decades at Nike, I distilled my learning into a system that helped transform the teams that drove some of the most iconic and successful Nike brands.  Now, in my career after Nike, I am dedicated to impacting organizations of all sizes, by helping them transform their teams and create exponential success.  This is the mission of IncubatorU.


  • BA in International Relations (USC, UOP, and UOA)

  • Worked and lived in China and Indonesia for over 5 years.

  • President of Portland Track for over 3 years

  • Director of Track, Central Catholic High School (Portland, OR)

  • Founder and CEO, Red Truck Group, Inc.

  • 30+ year career team leadership, at Nike

For more information on my background, please visit my Linkedin profile.


Here are just a few examples of how IncubatorU has helped transform teams, and companies thrive

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