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A Vision and Dream is becoming a Reality. We still need every team member to get to the finish line!

There is nothing better than seeing the progress of a project as it begins to emerge and begin to appear like the designs, renderings and visual images of what can be.

This past week we have seen some amazing progress with the team setting up the entire Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex to transform this school and the community. 

Enjoy the progress this amazing team has made. This is similar to a team effort during a relay race. 

We have practiced each hand off but now the 3rd and 4th legs are ready to start and the each leg is critical. We cannot wait to celebrate with everyone as we cross the finish line. We still need your help in getting us there! 

The track is paved, field and berm hydroseeded, ready to be surfaced to be competition and event ready!

Drone shot of the DRAC the 2nd week of August 2021

Design Rendering of the Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex

World Class view of a World Class Track

Architectural Rendering of the Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex in the Fall of 2020

The South Wasco County High School Track that has not changed for over 50 years!


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