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Brand Values that pass the test of time

It has been a busy few weeks since the launch of my book, INNOVATION FROM THE GROUND UP-Using IncubatorU's 5-Step Methodology to Transform Your Organization.

The Ebook/Kindle version has been out on Amazon for a couple weeks and this week the hard copy will be available to those that want something physical.

I am currently recording the audio book and through that process it has been fun to reconnect with people that have been a part of the stories as I crafted the book.

When IncubatorU was founded I had some amazing Brand Strategists help me define the Values, Mission and Vision of IncubatorU. I came across the original Brand Deck that Joel Kleinberg and Chris Hotz helped craft for me in 2014.

It starts with the Foundation of how the Brand came to be....

The Position is by Creating new value and opportunity through realized potential and the permission to dream.
Our Mission is Fearless Innovation Together.
Our Vision is Make Effective Innovation a Common and Attainable Practice.
Our Values have been and continue to be:
  • Freedom

  • Diversity

  • Innovation

  • Empowerment

  • Education

  • Belonging and Recognition

The Brand Essence creates Innovation Culture built from the Ground Up leading to our mantra and the title of the book:

Innovation from the Ground Up-using incubatorU's 5-Step Methodology to Transform your organization.

Buy now to learn more!

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