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Deschutes River Athletic Complex is preparing the District Meet!

The base layer of the track was completed a couple weeks ago and we happened to have a late winter storm that delayed the surfacing of the track. We got it done and it looks amazing!

Thanks to all of those in the community that protected the newly laid track surface for a critical 24 hours to keep the deer from walking on the new track surface as it cured. We appreciate you and know that these small efforts will keep the track in fantastic shape for years to come.

The Track is now surfaced in April of 2022

Our goal was to have the track striped last week but like many challenges that have faced us over the past 3 years we had a week delay with the "striping guy" being exposed to covid. We are ready to get the lines on the track this upcoming week.

The backstretch of the track nearing Carver Corner!

We are busy preparing for the district meet that will be coming up on May 13th and 14th. The Athletic Directors from South Wasco County HS, Fossil, Sherman County and Ione have been collaborating to put on an amazing first meet in Maupin in over 50 years.

The team from Beynon Sports and Scappoose High School transporting the hurdles and blocks

We were fortunate to be able to get high jump pits, standards, starting blocks and hurdles from Portland's Jesuit High School as well as Scappoose High School. The effort by the Track and Field Community to help each other has been amazing.

Trophies from the SWCHS Redside Track Teams from the 1930's through the 90's !

One of my favorite things to discover is the history behind some of the Redside Track and Field Alumni. There is a storage shed next to the track that has trophies from the 1930's through the 1970's that we want to begin to bring back some hardware as the Redside Track team will be able to practice on a real track

Just a reminder to show what we started with....

Be sure to come cheer on the athletes and teams on May 13th and 14th for our first meet in decades and get ready to see how this beautiful facility will serve and energize the community. See you around the track!

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