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Innovation at the Intersection

We love any opportunity that has the potential to bring a diverse group of people together to accomplish something spectacular.

This opportunity presented itself through my own personal resource network and as a catalyst in the track and field community that loves to get things done.

Throughout my career, I love building high-performance teams that have resulted in the quality growth of companies, programs, facilities, and organizations.

This intersection was initiated with a simple phone call from a local who heard that I had led the effort in building track and field facilities that created a social impact on the St John's community at Portland's Roosevelt High School. A community that would love a track and the intersection of someone that loves the sport and knows the positive impact a facility can have on a community.

Where is Maupin Oregon?

Maupin Oregon is a small community that is less than 2 hours from Portland and Bend in the rain shadows of the majestic Mt Hood. The population of this small town is 623.

The school district covers over 1000 square miles. Maupin is nestled inside a canyon with the beautiful Deschutes River that flows through it.

During the summer months, the population explodes between 80,000-100,000 visitors arriving in the hamlet to bike, fish, raft, and camp experiencing the natural beauty of this area.

Maupin is surrounded by farms and ranches that supply everything from timber, hemp, livestock, wheat and energy with wind and solar farms.

The small town has fiber optics laid to every home, business and the school which creates a valuable technology, education and economic connection to the rest of the world.

It was clear to me that they wanted to get this done but needed some guidance on how to do it. This was a perfect project for IncubatorU.

From the beginning, I felt it was more than just a track. The beauty of these projects is that you have a chance to get to know the community and their culture. I wanted to honor that but also show them the possibilities that this complex could bring to the community.

The track and field complex will not only host local meets but world-class races and potentially host national teams that arrive into Oregon for the World Championships in 2022.

The intersection with other groups in the community including the school, the garden club, local businesses, the chamber of commerce, the Mayor and many of the local farmers and ranchers. We have helped create a vision for a sport and music venue. A place for local Native Tribes to host their Pow-Wows, athletic camps and a gathering place for the local residents to walk, jog and exercise overlooking the beautiful Deschutes River.

Once you see the raw beauty of this track that overlooks the Deschutes River sitting inside a canyon with the cascade mountains surrounding the rimrock the experiences that could light up the night with track meets, football games, concerts, pow wows, and community gatherings less than 2 hours from Portland creates that passion to get it done.

None of this could be accomplished without talent and dedication from those that are buying into the vision.

I was already working with a good friend of mine planning the Red Truck Outdoor Experience which brings people to the outdoors to try some new activity and we deliver an IncubatorU workshop as part of the experience.

My partner is an experienced contractor that loves working to help communities meet their potential. It was natural intersection that Ron White of Best HQ and Probity Builders join me in this journey. Ron's work in the world of construction, government, military, and nonprofits made it a perfect fit for our Maupin Monday drive from Portland as we start to pull others from our network to help along the way.

We create a vision and mission for our projects. We identify what we need to get things done. We reach out to our personal resource network and identify the gaps that we need to fill and the team naturally grows and while learning and supporting each other's efforts. ---------That is the IncubatorU methodology-----------

Our network to get this done has included former athletic industry executives, professional athletes, filmmakers, storytellers, veterans, engineers, architects, farmers, ranchers, alumni and most importantly the youth in the community that just want a decent place to play.

Join us on our journey. we are a Non Profit and would love to have you part of our team.

Contact me if you would like to explore your potential intersections with IncubatorU.

Enjoy the video!

The intersection of talent, ideas, and passion

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