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Innovation at the Intersection-RTOE

The Red Truck Outdoor Experience is a perfect example of how one great idea aligned with great people combine to bring some things together. I wrote about the origins of this event this in a post on The day will include safe and social distancing activities including a hike up through the scenic Deschutes River Canyon by the future Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex via the historic donkey trail.

The Deschutes River that runs through Maupin Oregon
The Deschutes River running through Maupin

view from the backstretch of the future track
View from the Deschutes River Athletic Complex

Deschutes River
Wild Deschutes River Flowing through the canyon

The hike will be followed by a yoga and recovery stretching session on the banks of the Deschutes River.

The combination of outdoor activity and an innovation workshop with IncubatorU will take place between activities on Friday afternoon. We will facilitate a workshop that will empower people to take their own personal resource network and identify ways to drive innovation through unrealized intersections.

The intersections that have been realized by the mission and vision of this project include:

  • The City of Maupin

  • The South Wasco County School District

  • IncubatorU

  • Probity Builders

  • Seder Architects

  • Beynon Sport Surfaces

  • Portland Track

  • Cycle Oregon

  • Oregon Sports Authority

  • Imperial River Company

  • Local Agriculture Leaders

  • Oregon Community Foundation

Once these are written down on paper and the people in the room compare their networks it is amazing how an aligned strategy and vision can make things happen.

We will help everyone in the workshop recognize and leverage the network that they already have and bring tools on how to expand and intersect. 

The day will be healthy, safe and productive for the participants and we look forward to having an additional Red Truck Outdoor Experience in September when the world we hope is in a better place.

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