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Look at the bright Side

The Fall has arrive in Oregon

I love it when the seasons begin to change in the Northwest and it gives me an opportunity to reflect on the past year. It has been a year of big ups and downs. I try to practice what I preach in " Assuming Positive Intent" with everything I do.

December Storm brought most of a tree onto our house. Luckily nobody was hurt.

We have been dealing with multiple house issues due to storms that hit our neighborhood back in December where we ended up with the branches from an 80 year old Red Cedar Tree land and crash upon our roof and house. This happened in December of 2022 and 10 months later we are finally through the repairs and cleaning. ( Thank goodness for Farmers Home Insurance) .

This tree was distinctive and iconic in front of our house. The microburst of a windstorm severed the branches from the trunk and in the end we took the entire thing down. We had just replaced our roof, gutters and painted the house the previous summer and luckily had our contractors on speed dial. That was a positive.

The 80 year old Red Cedar Tree following a windstorm that ripped it apart in December

Looking at the tree as it was severely damaged we cut it down to a 4' wide stump. The stump was very stark in it's appearance from our house so we started looking at ways of softening it up. My wife and I found some photos of old stumps that had been turned into planters. We now have a beautiful succulent garden on top of the tree stump turning a disaster into a thing of beauty and enjoyable for people to see as they walk by.

The remains of the tree with a Succulent Garden planted on top of it.

Succulents thriving in their new home

Take the time to think of the potential of a situation and the possibilities versus the burden or how it might impact you from a negative standpoint. If you train your brain with the possibilities and potential it is amazing what can come from that.

Top Ranked book on Amazon in Organizational Behavior

Top Ranked book on Amazon in Organizational Learning

Over the past 2 weeks I have launched my book, Innovation from the Ground Up, Using IncubatorU's 5-Step Methodology to Transform Your Organization. The eBook launched and was in the Top 10 Best Selling Books on Amazon in 10 categories as well as 4 countries. The eBook was followed by the audio book and the printed version which launched this week. You can get your copy in any format here:

INNOVATION FROM THE GROUND UP: Using IncubatorU's 5-Step Methodology to Transform Your Organization

What is next?

I will be updating my website to reflect the current work.

I have a few projects. in the pipeline that are a direct result of the IncubatorU 5-Step Methodology and are truly transformative in nature. Stay tuned and reach out to let me know what you are working on that I can potentially help in your transformation:

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