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Permission to Dream and Imagine the Future.

There was a consensus last week as the team circled the paved track talking about the finishing touches of phase 1 of the Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex.

The team that has been instrumental in making this happen.
The Dream Team of DRAC

We are pulled off a near miracle in the completion of Phase 1 of this project. We are close to the finish but still need to close the funding gap and pray for dry and moderate weather. We have the opportunity to apply the Beynon surface on the track by the end of October and begin to build the sustained programming of the Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex

This project over the past 2 years that has been privately funded through donations and grants to bring this amazing complex to reality. This has been talked about locally for well over 20 years but we "Imagined" what it could be and created the vision and "identified" the team to make it happen.

The pandemic struck our world, events and gatherings were cancelled while school and work went remote, sports, activities and ways for us to connect socially disappeared. Our team stayed on course and the path to completion.

Many of us are being able to see this crazy dream come become reality.

The view from the grandstands in 2020.

For some reason I love taking on projects through my company, IncubatorU which seem to be impossible and no real logical reason other than the potential I see when facility has the potential to transform a school and community. I led the efforts in building the Track and Field complexes at Holy Trinity School and Roosevelt High School in Portland, Oregon.

Through our team at Portland Track we have imagined world class track meets and camps in rural locations that could bring more people together and see what an amazing place this is in addition to the world class rafting and fishing.

World Class Athletes will be competing at DRAC in 2022

The opportunity to intersect world class athletes with the local students and bring teams from all over to experience the Maupin Magic is what I have "Imagined". I have shared the views of the shot put pit overlooking the Deschutes with World Record Holder and Gold Medalist Ryan Crouser. I have sent all of my friends who are Pole Vaulters the view as they clear the crossbar and the Deschutes River Canyon is their vantage point to enjoy while landing. I can see world class 5k and 10k runners circling the track with the sun setting and the lights turning on as day goes to night. We are getting close. Bringing Track to the People and Social Change through Sport are two of the mantras that lead me.

The Portland 5000 at Nike's campus put on by Portland Track
World Class Events bring people to enjoy the experience and atmosphere of Maupin

At the end of the day it is ultimately about the student athletes, the community and those that will use this facility every day. I loved seeing posts coming from people that have been informed and supportive in the project begin imagining what this means to them. The school's business manager posted this quote last week:

CHANGE is happening here and it is so exciting. Imagining all the future school and community gatherings here

It will give her a reason to come to work early and walk the track before school and see views like this as she starts her day.

The morning views above the track

I asked Aimee to gather some insight from some of the students that will have the benefit of this facility in their future school years. I look forward to more quotes and insights from the students and love that they notice this change as they walk by the track every day between classes.

The DRAC Dream is coming alive as the sun rises in Maupin

When I look out at the track I get excited. It has come along so fast and it looks flawless- ( Allie Waine- 7th Grader at Maupin Middle School)

It is important to remember that a facility like this is there to energize the community, support the students and bring new economic opportunities and exposure during the off season. Everything has centered around the the people that this will serve. We have rallied around a young student athlete who is now going into her Senior Track and Field Season and what a gift it would be to have this Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex competition ready for the 2022 Track and Field Season. It is always fantastic to rally around a story but it could not have been done without the leadership of the Miles Family, support of the Mayor and the engagement of everyone from the School Administration to the National Guard and all the Contractors that have been a part of this journey.

Redside Track and Field Team on their track in 2020

Holly Miles with one of the hurdles that she uses to practice on the long jump runway and parking lot

We continue to engage with our donors and potential donors to help us get to the finish line. We will be putting on Maupin Ride the Rapids on October 9th as a partnership with Hood to Coast and supported by Cycle Oregon. The ride will tour the Oregon Scenic Bikeways and there will be a rest stop at the new track so those participating in the ride can see the amazing progress and views from the facility. We would love to have you a part of our team to get to the finish line. Learn more through this earlier post.

The Homestretch of the Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex


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