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Seek discomfort...

There is something about comfort and security that makes life that much easier to live. I suppose it’s being able to control certain aspects of one’s life. We spend so many hours of the day in uncertainty that when we have the chance to exert dominance on certain things we do not let go. We become generals of our lives, unbending to the wind.

A few years ago, I had a good job. It came with security as does any government work place. I had all the things I could have asked for. A fine if not slow work environment, a not so bad paycheck at the end of every month, an adequate insurance cover, an understanding boss and a certain flexibility that was rare in such a position.

But, the work was not fulfilling. There was no inspiration, no excitement, no opportunity to learn and grow. I felt I was making no impact. It was mundane. I often found myself staring at the clock willing it to go much faster. Time in this environment, was my enemy. I was slowly dying.

It took me two years to quit that job because I was unwilling to give up my comfort zone.

Seeking discomfort is a term unfamiliar to many. We thrive in certainty. We find solace in knowing exactly how the chips fall. In turn, we are unable to fulfill our potential. We end up living average lives and many dreams follow us to the grave.

Think about the first time you went to the gym or hit the track. You sought out a different environment perhaps because you wanted to get in the best shape of your life or because the doctor said you had to.

Either way, you went and braved through the grueling first days of sore muscles and exercises that made you want to throw up. You lived through what looked like a military training camp and blossomed. You stuck through it, reached your goals and kept going even when you no longer needed to. You sought discomfort and flourished.

The same can applied to the dreams you are yet to actualise. Comfort has no place in achieving the unique. Ask any athlete. Ask any entrepreneur.

We love to give excuses as to why we are yet to realize what we dreamed of as children. Seeking discomfort is the only way to open ourselves up to a world of endless possibilities.

It’s in meeting new people, going to new places, experiencing different cultures and keeping an open mind. It’s in saying “yes” to the things and experiences you would have rejected outright. It’s in giving yourself permission to go after what you have always wanted. It’s in letting go of your fears and allowing yourself to have the heart of a child- spirited, curious, creative, resourceful and assertive.

At IncubatorU, we allow you to dream, while giving you the tools to navigate. We believe that “to bring the best out of people they must be given the opportunity to fail without censure.”

Michael, IncubatorU’s founder, has made a career out of turning challenges into opportunities. He has had to constantly learn something new in order to fully develop his skills. Michael is well versed with seeking discomfort at every turn in order to become a better version of himself. Who better to guide you to leverage your potential?

Make a plan. Start small and build up to it. How will you seek discomfort today?

Reach out to Michael at to find your potential.

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