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The Art of balance

Five years into my Journalism career I quit. I quit without having a Plan B. Deep down I knew I had to leave if I was going to find any balance. Do not get me wrong, there are incredible journalists who find fulfillment in their work, but I wasn’t.

Balance work and life....our world today.

It seemed all I did was work long hours and when I had time off, all I wanted to do was sleep. Relationships with my family and friends suffered. As a matter of fact, I lost many friends during the five-year period. My parents lived and still live only two hours away from the city yet I was only able to go home twice a year.

That was not the life I had envisioned for myself, so I had to step back and take stock. It became very clear that I was unhappy and my personal life had suffered.

Whatever passion I had for my work, had died during the first year in my career. It was time to reclaim my life.

Reflect and make time for what is important in your life

In my plan, I wanted to take time-off for three-months in order to determine what I wanted. Perhaps find a job that wasn’t too demanding but fulfilling. I needed to regain my creativity and reconnect with old friends. It didn’t exactly work like that. Three days after handing in my notice, I got a job offer from a Parastatal. I took the job.

After all, the wind does not break the tree that bends!

Winds bend but do not break these trees-only makes them and us stronger

This meant I only had a two-week break in between jobs, but I realized that was more than enough time to create a new plan. I

n this new plan, I decided to create a balanced life. One that involved exercise, work, family, and friends.

I was determined to create a balanced life for myself.

Work and Life Balance

My new job allowed this, but more importantly, I projected what I wanted and worked towards it.

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