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The reviews are in on My book: Innovation from the Ground Up.

My book has been read in 9 countries, made the top 10 lists in multiple categories in 6 different countries including #1 in the USA on Amazon for Organizational Learning and Organizational Behavior. The companion workbook is being written as well as an online certification course and website redesign. Stay tuned and reach out if you would like to be part of this transformation in your business, organization or community. What I have discovered is that it works....and the more people that apply this methodology the more innovation and change can come to all of us. I have included a few of the reviews: Book, Kindle and Audiobook are all available on Amazon.

Having had the pleasure of directly watching Michael work through some of the stories shared in the book, it’s an inspiration to be reminded of the underlying framework that has helped him create successful project after successful project.

For those at a pivotal point in their life, their career, or in a specific project, the 5-step methodology will help create clarity, motivation, and a path to keep moving forward.

Michael has improved and transformed Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. The legacy of good that he’s planted will nourish generations and this book will only increase that.

#1 in Organizational Learning on Amazon

In his book, “Innovation from the Ground Up”, author Michael Bergmann shares his 5 Step Process has worked for him and can work for all of us. His no nonsense writing style, breaks this process down and shows, through real examples, how it can be applied in various cases. And he does not waste words. This book is thoughtful, easy to read, and will help anyone looking to attack an opportunity.

Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2023

The author provides a simple framework to help individuals and organizations be innovative. And the real life case studies he provides help to show that the framework really works when put into a practice. A quick read that will help spark ideas for the reader.

@1 in Organizational Behavior on Amazon.

"Innovation from the Ground Up" by Michael Bergmann unveils a game-changing 5-Step Methodology from IncubatorU™ that turns dreams into reality. Learn from the success story of a small Oregon town's athletic complex, brought to life by Bergmann's approach.

This book isn't just theory; it's a practical guide. Bergmann, drawing from his Nike experience, simplifies each step, making it manageable and engaging. The IncubatorU method connects dreamers with untapped resources, fostering tangible spaces and social change through sport.

From pandemic challenges to community projects, this methodology adapts, creating well-built teams and spaces through a shared vision. The Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex stands as proof of its success.

Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex

"Innovation from the Ground Up" is your ticket to an era of teamwork, communal fruition, and forward momentum. If your dreams are ready for progress, add this transformative guide to your cart.

Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2023

A friend recently gave me "Innovation from the Ground Up." It wasn't a sure fit - the author is in a completely different industry than my team. But one morning I cracked open the book and ended up reading the entire thing. It's an excellent guide to the process of team based innovation at every stage. I'd recommend it to friends.Innovation from the Ground Up is a well written, well designed, high density tool - a swiss army knife for strategic teams

Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2023

I just purchased this book in paperback and also downloaded the audiobook. I’ve experienced these principals first hand working with Michael in the track and field industry and can’t wait to study and hone in these methods both for my personal life and business. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with the world!

In Innovation from the Ground Up, Michael Bergmann gives clear, definitive structure to concept development and team dynamics. His comprehensive, yet pithy guide outlines how a team can take an idea from its humble beginnings while maintaining the momentum and curiosity necessary to deliver results. His real-life example is inspiring evidence of how the power of both dreaming big and leading with courage can benefit an entire region. A worthwhile read!

#1 in Business Organizational Change in Australia

'Innovation from the Ground Up' offers an approach to get stuff done in a rewarding collaborative way with clarity and step-wise focus. In my view, it helps operationalize how we can be both dreamers and doers, and that's a rare attribute. Bergmann effectively blends process with illuminating case studies.

It's an easy and valuable read. I'm looking forward to putting it into practice for new product initiatives.

#1 in Self Help for Creativity in Germany

Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2023

I was deeply enthralled by Michael Bergmann’s "INNOVATION FROM THE GROUND UP". The Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex serves as a compelling testament to the power of community-driven innovation. Bergmann’s extensive experience at Nike is palpable in his approach. By linking world-class athletic teams with local communities and driving social change through sports, he showcases how global insights can be channeled to foster local solutions. In doing so, he reminds us of the profound connections between individual dreams, community networks, and actionable methodologies.

This book is a treasure trove for anyone looking to transform dreams into reality by leveraging the power of community and structured innovation. Michael Bergmann has crafted not just a methodology, but a movement. One that underscores the synergies between dreams, people, and practical methodologies. Highly recommended for those who believe in the magic of communal endeavors and seek a path to bring their visions to fruition.

Michael Bergmann is the modern day Stone Soup Journeyer, who appears in the village using kindness, wit and ingenuity to unify a community to complete a project that benefits every villager! In Oregon, one project was the Maupin’s Deschutes River Athletic Complex, an 8-Lane, 400 meter Regulation Track. He rallied the community to build a 'real track' to bring pride and commitment to the school and athletic programs, and empower a community.

In the book "Innovation from the Ground Up" he shares his 5-step process, how it worked for him within the business world of Nike, and how it carried him through other successful public projects. It's a book full of personal accounts, wisdom and great insights. I enjoyed every word ... and have already begun applying this process to my big project!

Helping the Row River Fire District Imagine a non profit volunteer fire district to keep this community safe

Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2023

Michael Bergmann brings a career's worth of practicality and inspiration to an engaging story. Innovation from the Ground up recounts his experiences connecting ideas to action in places that range from the campus of Nike to the wilds of central Oregon. Anyone who aspires to do something worthwhile will be able to draw lessons from his wisdom and his approach.


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