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Ready, Set, Go! Redside Track and Field in 2022! Help us get to the finish line!

As a coach, program builder, connector in the sport I love seeing the physical elements of a track and field complex begin to emerge from something that was not functional or usable in the past. It is even more rewarding seeing the emotion and impact it will have on the student athletes that get to experience this as we finish the project and celebrate with some home track meets and events next spring.

Imagine what it has been like for these athletes to practice after school on the deep cinder track without any clear markings. Imagine everyone share the only strip of rubber that was runway for the long jump, the triple jump and at times set up to run hurdles in order to get solid footing.

The long jump and triple jump runway and sand pit that was occasionally a hurdle practice runway.

On September 15th I was joined at the track by Julie, Holly and Sadie, members of the current Redside Track and Field Team. We walked around the track and looked at the shot put pit that overlooked the Deschutes River to the south. We walked around the corner to see where not one, but two long jump and triple jump runways and pits had been poured.

I had them pose for a photo that showed they were ready to run. I loved their comments about how amazing it will be to have people come see them compete at home. 

Sadie was excited to have their community be able to watch the events at the track. They have great support but get it only with events that are held in their gym. Now that changes with both the track and the field and the lights that will bring a whole new feel to the community. Friday Night Lights!

Holly who's question started this in the beginning...." Why can't we just have a real track" laughed when she said that there will be no more excuses as to why they cannot practice properly and stated.. " Coach is going to kick our Bxtts!

Julie was also excited to have a place for everyone to practice but also host events overlooking the beautiful Deschutes River Canyon. The thought of practicing in a real long jump pit with a take off board made her giddy.

The Grandstands overlooking the field have been not only dangerous but an eyesore that only a team of creative problem solvers could resolve. The beautiful oval of the track was beginning to emerge and we knew that the funding of the grandstands was still in the future phases ( $250k). We also had the benefit of a large pile of dirt that was excavated from the field due to some irrigation issues that needed repair.

The solution was to move that dirt to create a natural grassy berm that will act as the initial grandstands overlooking the track and field creating a natural and beautiful viewing spot for people to gather and watch the events on the track and field.

The extended team has an aligned vision to make this a special event venue. The Maupin DRAC will ultimately benefit the student athletes, the local community and visitors to host events and gatherings while showcasing the beautiful views down the Deschutes River Canyon.

This team was racing to a milestone that allowed us lay the pavement on the entire track. We made the decision to move on it in June to keep costs at this year's prices and hedge any inflation that might occur as we move out of 2021. The track was graded, foundations laid, light pole bases installed, irrigation repaired, field event concrete poured and pavement laid.

The team continues to actively engage generous donors to help us get to the finish line. A dream would be to finish all three phases before the school bond that is rebuilding the school begins their work.

Are you able to help us get there? We have been awarded grants from Travel Oregon, Cycle Oregon, Maybelle Clarke MacDonald, Ford Family, Healy Foundations and many more.

We are part of Nike and Intel's Benevity Programs and we ( Maupin Area Chamber Endowment) is able to receive stock and convert it into cash to help us pay for this amazing venue. Our goal is to completely fund it and then use the events from track meets, cycling events, concerts, clinics and camps to bring in revenue for the facility and for the community.

These are the projected finishing expenses our goal is to put behind us this year.

Are you able to help and be part of this amazing project that will transform a school, community and region.

Track Surface-$400k


Equipment for Track Team-$80k



Email me at and be a part of the legacy of this complex. Social Change through Sport...let's do it together.!


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