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Seed, scale and replicate

Recently I was telling a story to someone about some of the projects I have worked on over the years.

It was clear to me when we were talking that I shared multiple examples of how the methodology and approach at IncubatorU takes ideas that begin as a seed and aligns people, processes and projects to be able to scale.

It could be a product-Outdoor and Athletic Footwear

It could be an event-Athletic Events ( races, track meets, experiential events)

It could be a company -Nike, Brooks, On, Adidas, AllBirds, AirBnB, Goodyear, LinkedIn

It could be a non profit- RRCA-Roadrunners Clubs of America, CAF-Challenged Athletes Foundation

Each one of these started with an insight or an idea to deliver a solution.

What are the early ideas that you or your organization are trying to grow and scale?

Bill Bowerman's first waffle running shoe and a replica of the waffle iron he destroyed at home making the product.
Bowerman ruins his wife's waffle iron in pursuit of better traction and cushioning that led to a revolution in sport and running products.
  • It could be a product, organization or an event that would be transformed as the end result. What are the initial steps?

  • Identify those in your personal resource map that might be able to get you to that end product, event or organizational structure.

  • Identify what you are missing and seek out help from someone that might have more experience in that area and test it out.

  • Push forward and expect to fail but continue to learn and evolve the idea or product until you can replicate and scale it.

  • Establish a framework that covers 80% of the process and resources to get there and know that by having 20% to improvise the innovation and evolution of the ideas come from there.

  • Identify a person or a team that loves to operationalize and make the process more efficient as scale begins to happen.

Early Waffle Running Shoe cobbled together by Bill Bowerman

I asked what the most durable rubber compound in sports was that could safely help athletes perform on the global stage in tennis. We had issues with the durability of our shoes at Nike Tennis and I asked what rubber compound F1 race tires used vs what we used.

F1 Race Car tires are the most durable in the world
Formula 1 Race Tires-Durable Rubber intersects to Tennis
When I watched athletes like Rafael Nadal, James Blake and Gael Monfils burn through the outsoles during a match I immediately tried to think of what was the most durable rubber out there and saw these players the same as high performance race cars. What are the tires made of that keep the F1 cars on the road- MB-2003
I was taking the intersection of two different sports and products and testing seeing what could be improved.
Nadal wearing his Ballistic Max Tennis shoes with XDR Rubber inspired by F1 Race Car Tires

What ideas do you want to Incubate and scale with your business? Contact me for an initial consult to see where it might go.


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