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Working with Michael at IncubatorU- what people say:

There is no better way for people and companies to understand the value and insight that I can bring to a team or project than hearing from those I have worked with in the past:

Michael and I have worked together over the years on several projects, including branding and communication projects for Red Truck and Portland Track. One of the qualities I immediately noticed in him and I continue to experience every time we talk is his ability to merge big ideas with real-world action. It's a special ability that I don't see in many people and it's a strong character trait. Whether it's building a brand, improving the community through board service, facility building, or event creation, he's the kind of person you can rely on to push something to a better place. He gets it done. Greg Parra-Design Director, Brand Steward

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Bergmann on fast moving, complex projects. When he joined our team as a consultant I knew we had found the right guy to help with product development. What I didn’t know was that he would also bring exceptional people and business development skills that amplified and accelerated our success as a team. Michael, we call him Bergie, infused our team with a positive, solution-oriented focus that generated team coherence and, frankly, joy!  Bergie brings decades of product development experience to his consulting work. He’s creative, practical, tactical and willing to dig into the details while also holding overarching goals in focus. His secret sauce is his ability to empower each individual he works with to be their best. He navigates complex problems by breaking it down into actionable initiatives.  Bergie’s coaching ability evolved over years of building business teams at Nike while coaching track and field teams. He’s generous with his time in support of community building. As Portland Track President he runs a nimble, adaptive organization, much needed skills in a fast paced environment.  Bergie is a natural leader who shows up under stress. He taught me skills like ”Stick to the Script” to keep my focus on tangible outcomes and not be distracted by the ‘noise’ in challenging business environments. He channels his capacity for deep empathy into creative leadership guiding athletic and business teams forward from daunting challenges to win-win solutions. Kay O'Neill-Independent Consultant-Rockwood Leadership Institute

Michael and I worked together at Nike Tennis, tasked to equip the world’s best tennis players with world-class footwear. Not only did we accomplish that mission, but the journey – and the culture that “Bergie” helped foster, enabled us to lead the industry with innovation, compelling stories, and a regained #1 market share. Everyone knows Bergie. Because of his collaborative nature and pulling the best out of you, he is someone you want on the team or leading your team. He drove us forward through his vision and ability to connect seemingly unrelated dots and see through to the heart of the matter. I think of words like dogged and restless – the positive connotations from those words to describe him and his contagious optimism. To accomplish what the team did and to have fun doing it? That’s a gift from Bergie to my career and a gift I know he will continue giving. -Alex Chan-Adidas Senior Category Management Leader

Michael worked with The Medici Group as an independent consultant to help activate diversity into the innovative edge for a multinational sports apparel brand. He leads with a strong intuition to leverage the intersection of unique talent, resources, and serendipity to open up and pursue opportunities not seen by most. Michael is a powerful connector - he has a tremendous network and it seems like he knows just about everyone; a creative collaborator with an adaptable interpersonal style and a great innovator in his own right with several patents to his name. He’s a proven leader that applies the Medici Effect in driving innovation and business growth.- Frans Johansson-Thought Leader/Author/CEO of The Medici Group

I admire greatly for his vision certainly, but more for his courage. In the evermore “David and Goliath” world of startups, Michael never gives in, and never gives up. He will make his dream a reality if only by grit alone. He inspires me.  Scott Zagarino Founder of Athletes For A Cure-Prostate Cancer Foundation Founder of CS Sports Marketing-Creator of more than $10 million in corporate sponsorship for endurance sports.

Bergie's style of leadership enables all of the good things that we do. His never say die attitude filters through the rest of the organization and definitely has helped me push forward and make sure that if we can't do something, it's because we've tried everything. He lead blocks for people and gives them the space to create, allowing people feel more responsibility and dedication to the cause and then value what they do. When everyone is excited about what they're doing and feels like they're delivering something special, the athletes perform better too, because they feel a part of that energy. He's created a place where outside the box thinking is welcomed, amazingly different things are possible and he makes sure that energy thrives all through the process. I've been a direct beneficiary of this.
Jeff Merrill-Jordan Brand Footwear Test Analyst II at Nike and Advisory Board Member at Portland Track

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