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IncubatorU Media HIghlights

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Run Blog Run-Interview with Larry Eder-Socializing the Distance: 

Sport Oregon voices-bringing track and field to the People 

New York Times article on track and field 

Innovation and IMpact through track and field


Podcast Guest:

Executive Athlete:

Get Real with Anna Crowe:

Mckenzie river and Portland Track

Pop up Track Meets create innovative opportunities for world class athletes.

Portland Track makes magic happen in popup meet alongside the McKenzie River

Long hours, short nights and ulcers: Portland Track defies the coronavirus to stage elite meets

World Class Meet at the Big Friendly 3

Runners World Feature article about Portland Track and McKenzie River Community

Maupin Deschutes River Athletic Complex 

Project to Build a world-class track in Maupin has a small Oregon town thinking big.

Interview by Doug Binder about the Maupin DRAC project

Interview by Doug Binder about the Let's Just Build a Real Track Event

Central Oregon Daily Update on the Maupin DRAC-Interview 

Teddy Roosevelt Athletic Complex

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